Changes to operation

Cabro Aviation no longer operate flight training or aircraft hire. An update to this website will follow shortly.

Due to issues with the ground handling company that we operated from at Aberdeen International Airport, we relocated in the interim to Dundee Airport whilst a plan was being developed to return back to Aberdeen.  The plan was to operate from a new helicopter operator's base at Aberdeen who gave us a lot of support and assistance in getting the plan in place. Due to commercial and legal costs, the return to Aberdeen was neither  feasible or practical and a decision was made to remove GA training from the company portfolio.

We appreciate the inconvenience this will cause a lot of pilots and students who flew with us, many of whom will now give up flying due to the distance and additional travel costs that would be incurred. We can however suggest some other training schools that may be able to help. PPL training can only be done under an RTF or ATO. The nearest one's to Aberdeen are :-

Dundee (Tayside Aviation), Perth (ACS) or Inverness (Highland Aviation)

The only other flying school in the Aberdeen area is HJS helicopters (not fixed wing) based at Culter. HJS can also to gift vouchers.

To find an alternative flight schools, click here (CAA lists for RTF and ATOs)

Our C172, G-CCTT is in Dundee for allowing our students close to finish their training to do so.

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There is a group syndicate possibly forming to buy G-CCTT.  If you are interested, please email us and we will pass on the details to the person looking to form the syndicate.




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