With over 30 years offshore experience, Cabro Aviation can undertake the following onshore and offshore services relating to aviation:-

  • UAV aerial services specialising in developing in-house drone teams, this includes training and hardware specifications
  • Participation in tender reviews for aviation (including drone) contracts as an independant review service
  • Performance Standards, Safety and Enviromentally Critical Element (SECE) Duty Holder Technical Authority Services
  • Training - customised to suit company specific requirements giving flexability including provision of Subject Matter Expert (SME) instructors
  • Aviation Operations Audits - CAP437 compliance and gap reports including CMMS maintenance system historical review of related systems
  • Aviation Consultancy - engineering projects, operational procedures and developement
  • Competency Assesments - Radio communications and personnel profiling
  • Supply of Offshore Passenger Logistic Services / Aviation Assistants
  • Aviation operations readiness / efficiency reports
  • CAA CAP437 consultancy (Cabro Aviation has contibuted to several CAP437 updates)
  • Offshore aeronautical telecommunication Service upgrade project management
  • Incident investigations - independant 3rd party services
  • Ad-Hoc labour supply such as hanger moves, parts cataloguing