PPL (H) LicenCe

The Private Pilot Licence is the basic qualification which allows you to act as pilot in command of an aircraft for recreational use and can be conducted in either the Robinson R22 or R44 dependent on your budget and requirements.

You are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours flight training, comprised of at least 25 hours dual instruction, 5 hours dual instrument instruction and 10 hours supervised solo flight, incorporating a cross country solo flight landing at two other airfields.

The number of hours training required may vary due to pilot aptitude and availability, conducting a trial lesson will give both you and an instructor a chance to assess your case and we can usually give an indication on return to the helipad once you've stopped smiling!

There are 9 multiple choice written tests covering the basic knowledge a pilot must have and in addition there is a practical radio telephony test. These are all straight forward and can be completed with a few weeks of self study. Should you need assistance we can provide additional theoretical tuition. 

The last step in getting your licence is to pass a flight skills test with an approved CAA Examiner, HJS has its own approved Flight Examiners on site which helps to keep your costs down!

For further details please contact HJS Helicopters via e-mail, telephone [01224 739111] or visit them at Culter Helipad.