Introductory Flights / Trial Lessons


Trial Lesson

A trial flying lesson is perfect for anyone who is thinking about learning to fly as a hobby or perhaps a career. Your experience starts the moment you walk through the door. You will be greeted by your instructor who will give you a full briefing on your lesson. You will then, along with your instructor, check your aircraft to ensure that it is ready for flight and then off you go! Once your feet are back on the ground you will receive a full de-briefing from your instructor.

What sort of things will I get to do?

We always give you control and let you fly the aircraft for as much as possible in a trial lesson. You will get to experience the beautiful scenery of the area whilst getting a feel for the controls of the aircraft. For the first lesson your instructor will handle the take off and landing!

How long will the lesson last?

We say that the whole experience is a lesson, from the second you walk through the door until the second you walk out. You should allow around 1-2 hours in total (depending on the length of lesson and to answer aby questions you have!).  The flight time is based on 5 mins taxi time then the remainer of your voucher time in the air, times vary due to air traffic control requirements.

Any other things I should know?

As we are a Registered Training Facility,  what's great about the trial lesson is that the flight time can be logged and if you decide to continue training towards your Private Pilots Licence (PPL) the flight time from your trial lesson counts towards the total flight time required for the PPL!  Your Instructor can explain the PPL process.

Introductory Flights

We also offer Introductory flights.  This is a flight is taken by a qualified pilot rather than an Instructor.  The main difference between this and a trial lesson is that this will not be an instructional flight and the Pilot will be flying the aircraft at all times. This flight will not qualify on any training record or logbook.  You will experience all aspects of flying an aircraft without actually taking control. These flights are detailed in the CAA document IN-2015/029

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Robinson R44 Helicopter (via HJS Helicopters-Culter Helipad)

 Introductory Flight - 15 mins- £50.00

 Introductory Flight - 30 mins- £100.00

 Introductory Flight - 60 mins- £200.00  

Trial Lesson - 30 mins - £310.00

 Trial Lesson - 60 mins- £580.00


Gift vouchers are available for any of these lessons. On payment, we will issue you a voucher pack which is posted out. Collection can be arranged but 24 hrs notice is required.


All flights are subject to weather, aircraft, Air Traffic Control and Instructor availability.

Flight times may vary due to Air Traffic Control requirements.

Aircraft type may be changed subject to operational availability.

Weight restrictions may apply due to payload.

Voucher flights are non-refundable.

Vouchers are valid for 6 Months!

Voucher required for flight booking.

If the flight is terminated early, the remainder of the time may be used at a later date. Additional costs may be charged for future flight

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hrs before the flight time / date.

Landing fee included, prices include VAT