About Us

RTF no OCP2217

Although we are registered as a flight training company, we no longer undertake flight training at Aberdeen International Airport. We are operating from Dundee Airport through Tayside Aviation in areduced capacity for aircraft hire, and renewals etc.  We are slowly phasing out trial lessons and voucher flights and expect this to be completed by the end of 2016.

Cabro Aviation was formed in 2009 to support General Aviation at Aberdeen Airport. In January 2011, we received CAA approval to operate a Registered Training Facility at Aberdeen Airport allowing PPL / NPPL training to take place. We are also listed as a Registered Training Facility at Insch Airfield undertaking flight training and using the airfield for emergency drills.

Previous flight training organisations at Aberdeen closed down, resulting in no aircraft hire or flight training in the area.  Cabro Aviation looked at the reasons for the closure and set up a business model that was both supportable and sustainable for the area. 

In June 2015, Due to extremely poor customer service given to Cabro Aviation and our customers by a ground handling company based at the airport, we suspended all flying at Aberdeen International Airport whilst exploring other options for restarting.  In the interim we relocated to Dundee Airport. The proposal to return to Aberdeen Fell through in August 2016 due to the commercial requirements placed on the company that were looking to operate from the Airport and the decision was made to close the Aberdeen International Airport operation.  Similarly Edinburgh Airport Flying Club also closed, this highlights that GA at Busy International Airports for new companies is not really possible any more.

We have a  Cessna C172S (G-CCTT) available with instructors for training, or for NPPL/ PPL hire at Dundee In addition to fixed wing aircraft, we have a Robinson R44 helicopter based in Culter and leased to HJS Helicopters.

In September 2015, We were the first Flight Training Organisation to be awarded recognition by the CAA under the PROUD initiative which encourages the development of Private Pilots.

For flight training, there is now no other company in the area other than HJS Helicopters based at Culter.  For PPL training, the following companies can provide training for Private Pilots :-

Tayside Aviation

Highland Aviation