Drone Training Services

Cabro Aviation Ltd are the Scottish partner of the NQE - Commercial Drone Education Training Ltd.

We organise and manage the CAA's Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) training in Aberdeen which is undertaken by CDET Ltd.

Courses last 3 days and cover theory, Ops Manual development and flight training with the required tests as part of the process.

In addition to the standard PfCO Syllabus, Cabro Aviation present awareness training on flying in Aberdeen International Airspace, Flying from Council owned recreational areas and operating UAVs offshore using the Oil & Gas UK guidance on Unmanned Aerial Systems.

With over 30 years Offshore experience, Cabro Aviation can support and develop Duty Holder / ISC contractor personnel with multiskill by adding a UAV competency to the installation's core crew. We have already done this for one North Sea Operator resulting in a huge saving in OPEX costs.

Using the AscTec Falcon 8 and sevral professional DJI UAVS, we target the offshore training to suit your technial needs.

IF you are struggling to find somewhere to fly your drone or simply require the practise, for a small fee we can arrange a facility where you can fly your drone in a controlled enviroment. If you have just bought a drone,  we can offer an introductory overview on how to set it up and fly it.


NEXT COURSE 30th SEPT - 2nd OCT 2017 or 2nd - 4th OCT 2017



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